About Me

Thanks for finding me and my images!

I started this site initially as a blog of sorts of my travels in Scotland to share with mum and dad and my family and it's grown since then, primarily as a record of my life's adventures over the last 30 years.

Do I sell images from my site - yes, quite a lot but not enough to yet make a full time living from, I do have another job which I love.

Photography has motivated my adventures, and travel has lead to priceless memories - photography keeps those close to me. My photography shifted to being serious in the late 80's when I traveled through South America laden with rolls of film, x-ray proof lead-lined bags and a Canon SLR. I'm digital now but continue to apply the same patience, rationing of resource and care as I used to when I only had 36 exposures to play with.

What in the images you see here reflect 'Mal Peacock'? Pre-planning is important to me, I do subscribe to the notion that good images are the result of hard work and investment in effort, others argue that a good image 'stands alone'. That argument goes along the lines of it's purely the creativity and post processing which makes it special. I'm not in that camp, the great majority of images you see on my site occurred by thinking quite carefully (or obsessively, as my family know very well) about tides, time of year for the angle of the sun and shadows, weather forecasts, months of late nights researching walking trails, wild campsites and Ordnance Survey Maps. Then on location I completely let the right side of my brain comes into play - I snap what I experience and feel once there.

There is a common theme in my images. I attempt to apply two ingredients to create an image with substance and emotion: Light + Movement.

As to equipment, these days I love my Pentax 645Z Medium Format digital camera with a range of 645 Pentax prime lenses. I love the 6 x 4.5 aspect ratio particularly for portrait aspects and the astonishing size prints I can now print.

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